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Submitted on
August 4, 2011


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Now that I'm done with Para-Ten, I'm moving on to new things!

Some people figured it out already so I figured, "Why wait?"  The site isn't QUITE done, but it works.

It's called "Late Blooming" and I wasn't going to add a subtitle, but the url was taken… so I figured adding the subtitle would give some sense to the url that I DID choose.

I also totally misspelled my own name on the cover, ha ha.

The comic is I guess what you could call "slice of life" and my first and maybe only foray into the genre (for now).  It'll have more humour than Para-Ten, but it's not a straight comedy and there will be a narrative.

I've got 11 pages drawn and I'm working on the 12th as we speak.  So I guess what I'll do now is post one page a day until I get to 11, and then I'll see what kind of update schedule will work.

I drew the 11 pages a few months ago and I kind of want to redraw them, but I probably wont, ha ha… we'll see.  But it feels good to get going on more comics, since I finished drawing Para-Ten over a month ago I think.

Well, I hope you like it.
  • Listening to: Beirut, "The Rip Tide"
  • Reading: The Grapes of Wrath (again)
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VinceKato Aug 6, 2011  Student General Artist
I love your art style. :)
Oh man, a comic about a musician :heart:
Have you said anywhere yet what Para-Ten stands for? ^_^;
ashwara Aug 5, 2011   Filmographer
Not yet! I might include that in the book
I see I see ^_^
ChangeNotCoins Aug 5, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
It looks beautiful so far! Now I can replace my Para-Ten toolbar button with this one :)
Ooh, I love it so far! Thanks for announcing (I'm glad you didn't wait). :love:
finally you start with it!
very curious about it!
AppleBetty Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art's as charming as ever.
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