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My God!  That movie was amazing!
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Why do people like seeing peoples heads crushed in? Their bowels town out? Their guts splattered on the wall? What's the point of this?

Especially when it's not used as a plot device! Violence is only good when used in taste. What kind of artistic taste is that? I guess to each his/her own right? But seriously. Is there some kind of absense of empathy? Doesn't it disgust you? Doesn't it make you cry to see people killed like that? So you'll cry about being dumped by a boyfriend who isn't even worth your time in the first place, but not over people being killed? I guess that's not an option, though, because the characters in these movies are so flat and undynamic that it's impossible to see them as real people and to empathize with their situation.

If you want to see violence used tastefully, watch the Princess Mononoke. But no, that's a cartoon so it's obviously bad and has nothing to do with life. Heaven, these animated are more beleivable than the cardboard cliches in so many of the movies today.

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I was on their website looking through their goods, and some of the shirts were just amazing and prime examples of engrish.

One said, "son of a beach".  Ha ha ha.  They may have done it on purpose, but I maybe not.  Either way I want the shirt.  Ha ha.
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Trying to complete five pages of comic in a week is exhausting.

On a side note, I will get those features out once I'm done with this.  Ha ha.
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The had been gotted from'd :iconstressedjenny:  woo!

"The first ten people who reply to this journal get put up here, along with three of my favourite deviations by them.

The catch is: You have to put this in your journal as well, so no cheating.

Please have something in your gallery (photos and/or drawings), or else I'll disregard the comment. "

Alright!  So, it's doubtful that there will be ten people who want me to do this for them, and it will have little to no benefit as there aren't that many people who usually reply to my journals anyhow, ha ha.  But I'll try.  Anyways, if I don't get ten peopel maybe I'll just feature them anyways.

EDIT:  Also, I finally made my own avatar! Woooo for MS paint!
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Hey guys free candy!  And by that I mean its the day you've all been waiting for.  Or not so much!  But that's ok.

But I was thinking of doign commissions some day one day maybe.  To help prepare and/or give some examples, I'd like to do some art trades or requests.

So any one who wants anything from me, ask away! Ha ha
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So I decided to look up "ワンダ と 巨像" on google to see what I would get.. For those of you not learned in the Japanese language, that is "Wanda to Kyozou" or the gaem's english title "Shadow of the Colossus".  Let it be known that that's nto the actual translation BUT ANYWAYS.

I found this silly picture.…

I found some outher silly stuff too.  Like Wanda vs. Colonel Sanders.  Ha ha.  

I found a cool artist that did some ICO fanart too:

Pretty water colours.  Puts me to shame!
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I was looking at some artist and I was thinking, "Jee, a lot of these people live in California."  Then i got to thinking, "Jee, a lot of these people live in not New England."

What is wrong with you New England, huh, huh?  I want friends who draw, raaaar! Ha ha ha.  And by that i mean "comics."

But yeah, I'm sure that there are plenty, they just don't want to be friends with me, that's it.  Ha ha, I joke.

I know a few... but none of them live close enough anyways.  Ha ha.  Oh well.  This is why I draw comics.  So that I can have my own friends!  Wee.
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I'm unsure of how I should colour my comic.

I have a mission for anyone that reads this.

If you could look through any of my [relatively recent] deviations and pick on which you like the colouring style/technique best, it'd be helpful.  I don't know what would work best!
I hope this find you well!  Let's do our best.
Upon playing the new game for the Wii, Elebits, and seeing some of the illustration, I imediately recognized the style as that of Akihito Tsukushi.  What's strange, though, is that his name wasn't listed anywhere in the credits in the manuel, and there's no info about it at his site.  Maybe it's just some artist with a similar style, but that would be surprising.  

So maybe it's just me.  Ha ha.  But I don't think so.
How inconvenient! I noticed that it seems like I always get inspired or motivated to do somethign as I'm falling asleep.  But by then it's too late!  Then I wake up and during the day it's like "I don't feel like doing anything!"  Well, not the whole day.  But you know.  Ohohoho.
Yar.  I'll be gone for a month or so.  Until august 5th or so.  I'll still be able to chekc in here at a library or something I'm sure, but probably no deviations 'til then.  See ya!
Looking at old deviations makes me cringe and want to delete them.  Ha ha ha, but I wont so that peopel can look at them and hopefulyl say, "Boy, he got better."  I would also like to point out that many descriptions and comments are equally lame.  Ha ha ha.  But it's less likely that people will notice and say "He's cooler now!"  but it's true.  I'm cooler like a cup of tea that has been left out too long in the winter.