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I don't know who still follows me here but I'll be at anime expo table f56/57 this year! Table name is INFINITY X MONEY
Hi friends, here's an updated animation demo reel for 2013:
Hey everyone, as usual I'll be at the Anime Expo Artist Alley this year!!!!!! Here's table map…


Come say hi!!!!! I'll be sharing with my friend Soohee!!

I'll also have pritns and watercolor/ink commissions
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Hey I keep forgetting to put this here but I'll be at fanime this weekend!! Table 338! Here's a map my table partner made!!!!!!!!!…

Come say hi!!!
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Hey everyone, I have started taking commissions again. If you're interested, I've updated my information and you can see that here:…
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Hi friends! I storyboarded a few fight scenes for a class I was taking at Concept Design Academy that I thought I'd share!!

A hand-to-hand fight

and sword fight

The first one there has some relevant story content to Robin in the City, but the sword fight is just a random fight. I dont' have enough swordsman characters...

I want to clean them up eventually, and the one with Robin I might fully animate and color.

Cool!! Man I barely posted here this year. I mostly use DA for posting finished pieces, and I haven't had enough time for those these days.
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Can you believe it, I actually managed to get an apartment in pasadena.  Through determination and luck and a lot of help from my friends letting me stay with them the past few weeks.  If it wasn't for those guys I would have had to fly back to Boston before I could see a place, or I would have ended up homeless, sleeping in the mountains of Southern California. But I didn't! And I move in tomorrow!

Anyways, AX was super fun even if I got shuffled around in terms of my rooming situation a little bit.  Thanks for everyone who stopepd by and chatted and bought prints or traded with me!!!  Everyone is cool you are all cool but I'm too lazy to type anyones names.  Hopefulyl I'll see some of you next year or even SOONER since I live here now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!

Now I just need job
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Hi friends,

I'm going to be at anime expo at the end of the month (6/27 to 7/2) in the artist alley!! I forget the table number, I think its C21.  Somewhere in that vicinity.  If you're going, stop by!!

I'm also trying to move to Pasadena although I haven't had much luck getting an apartment. Anyways I booked a one way plane flight so hopefully I'll... find a place.

And if anyone in the area needs a storyboard artist or something similar... let me know. Ha ha.

Or if you're a realtor in the San fernando valley
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Hey guys I'll be at Fanime in San jose this weekend!  You can see my table location is T245:…

A bunch of my friends will be around me too!! Lots of good artists. Hopefully I'll see some of you there!!
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HEY guys I forgot to say I'll be at Anime Boston Artist's Alley this weekend!

Here's the table map so you can see where I'll be:

i'll have prints, be taking watercolor commissions, and have a little comics anthology. So, stop by! Even if you don't buy anything I'd be happy to chat.

PS I finally caught up to One Piece (the manga) I'm proud and it was amazing
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The usual!  I'm offering colour digital, watercolours, and ink commissions. All full body.

$20 for colour:



Ink is $10:…

Note me if you want one, or e-mail: ashwara (at) 10km (dot) org! Paypal only.

+$15 to add a second character for color, and +5 for ink.

Indefinite slots because I don't have a job so keep them coming!!

If anyone wants something bigger, like an illustration, note me.  And if I have any outstanding commissions that I forgot about... let me know aah!!
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Read it here:

Now that I'm done with Para-Ten, I'm moving on to new things!

Some people figured it out already so I figured, "Why wait?"  The site isn't QUITE done, but it works.

It's called "Late Blooming" and I wasn't going to add a subtitle, but the url was taken… so I figured adding the subtitle would give some sense to the url that I DID choose.

I also totally misspelled my own name on the cover, ha ha.

The comic is I guess what you could call "slice of life" and my first and maybe only foray into the genre (for now).  It'll have more humour than Para-Ten, but it's not a straight comedy and there will be a narrative.

I've got 11 pages drawn and I'm working on the 12th as we speak.  So I guess what I'll do now is post one page a day until I get to 11, and then I'll see what kind of update schedule will work.

I drew the 11 pages a few months ago and I kind of want to redraw them, but I probably wont, ha ha… we'll see.  But it feels good to get going on more comics, since I finished drawing Para-Ten over a month ago I think.

Well, I hope you like it.
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Check out the last chapter here if you like.
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It's been years since I changed this thing.  Still Paveline, but I thought I could use an update.

And I figured I'd make a journal because when people change icons I get confused.  Hopefully this will prevent that at least a little.
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I'll be at otakon this year with my pals  Vi and Alex

We'll be selling a little anthology which you can read more abut here:…

since I can't post images in my deviantArt journals.

We'll be in section S of the artist alley at one of the two red tables seen here:…

Come say hello and such!  Buy things or don't.  We'll have prints, comics, and I know at least I will be doing ink and watercolor commissions.
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EDIT:  OK I think I'm good for now, thanks guys!!

I posted this on tumblr, so I'll just paste it here:

Does anyone following me play violin and want to help me out?

I've started a "band" with a few friends of mine and between the three of us we can more or less get the arrangements we want- however a huge part we're missing is violin.

I really want it in our songs, but we don't know any violinists and I'm not good enough to lay down some nice sounding tracks.  We're working on getting three tracks recorded now, so we can bring something to our shows once we have them.  Even if you just did one song, it'd help a lot.

So I was thinking, "You know, why don't I just ask the internet to help me out?"  In this magical modern world, distance isn't such a problem, as long as you have a microphone and e-mail.  The mic doesn't even need to be amazing- I figure lo-fi violin played on a real violin is better than synthesized hi-fi violin.

So I'm looking for someone who'd like to work with us and record some tracks.  I'll write some parts and such so you wont have to take that burden- I mean, I wont bore everyone else with the details now. But it's not a hard thing to make music over the internet.

If you're interested drop me a note or a comment, or send me an e-mail: ashwara(at)10km(dot)org

I'll draw you a picture for your efforts or something!
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A little late, but I didn't get home until Wednesday night.

In CA I stayed with :iconfongmingyun: :iconraydiant: :iconvusc: and :iconprodigybombay: who were good company, all.  We all got there a few days before the con and went to places like Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Disney Land!!   It was my first time at any of these places.  I touched the pacific ocean and pretended that I went all the way around the world.  The pier in Santa Monica looked just like the one from Rocket Power, but only Raydiant seemed to know the show... ha ha.  Special big thanks to fongmingyun for carting us around and letting us stay at her apartment for a few days!  And planning all the things we did, ha ha.

I tabled as I said with :iconyujlee:, :iconmontiray:, and :iconemokidswill:.  There was an empty table next to us so :iconcaptainosaka: came and took over that table. He let us spill over onto his table a bit so we had a pretty sweet two table kind of deal going on.  I hope we can do this again bros!

The convention itself was a lot of fun and I met some fine folks I knew from the internet like :iconheysoohee:, :iconfishnbacon:,  :iconlife-take:, Christine, and people I didn't know before like :iconanarahk:, Connie, :icontraptastic:, and a bunch of yujlee's friends.  Probably lots more too but it's a lot to remember aaaa. I feel like I'm forgetting someone important

:iconoh8: stopped by my table and that was sweet- I got a sketch from him and he bought a book.  :iconporkbun: also came by and traded me some Lavapunch books for Para-Ten.  Also awesome.  

I also met a whole lot of Canadians from Sheridan, I don't think I could list them all.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by and made it a great experience.

There's probably more to write and lots of stuff I forgot, but I got things to do man.  

Never before have I had so many icons in one post.

Once i'm done doing stuff I'll scan some of the sketches and stuff I got and post about it on tumblr.

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Table map:…

I'll be at table 39 D and Anime Expo, with :iconmontiray: :iconyujlee: and :iconemokidswill:

If you're going, come stop by!  It will be grand.  I'll have prints and comics, plus I'll be taking commissions on the spot.  Or you can just stop by to chat, because that would be coooool
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I ran out of the paper I use to draw Para-Ten and more wont get here until Thursday, so I have some time and figured I could take some commissions while I wait.

I use that same paper for the ink commissions, so that's a no go... but this time, watercolours too!!  




Note me or comment to reserve a spot and then note me, or e-mail: ashwara (at) 10km (dot) org! Paypal!

+$15 to add a second character.

I'll take five slots for now:

ALSO TO PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE:  I'll start taking on professional jobs now so if people want that... e-mail me.  Ha ha.
Same goes for full illustrations or more complicated commissions.  We can negotiate prices.
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Check it out!!

It was a pain in the butt and there are a lot of problems, but it's done.

So perhaps you will enjoy it.
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